Meet the Characters: Iggy The Blue Bunny

thumb_iggyIf you listen closely,  ear to the ground , you can hear the roar of the Loopty Burrow Coaster  and  the howl of one hyper active Lolo. It’s Iggy! He lives below  in the Loopz, a community  of rabbit holes,  known as Zonk Holes. Zonk Holes, burrowed under ground,  are the ultimate sleeping chamber.  The ‘can’t sleeps” surely can’t penetrate  it.

Iggy fuels up at the Carrot  Soup Stream. So when Iggy explodes into his day, he has no shortage  of energy.  Whether it’s chewing grass flavored licorice 220 times a minute  or playing percussion with his feet in the thunderous  musical “Thump”,  Iggy is in overdrive. Even the floor of his apartment  is a tread mill. He’s the most gregarious of the Loloz and loves the spotlight. So of course Iggy’s dream is to be an actor, as he currently  stars in “Hare Spray.”

Iggy, like most bunnies, has a great  memory  so has no trouble  memorizing  lines and facts. He loves camaraderie, so he’s the one that gets all the Loloz together  for bowling night or to support Lyle in his hooting or helping Chloe train for the Lolympics.

But even Iggy winds down when the Lolo sun sets. He spends the day warding off the “can’t sleeps” by using every  ounce  of energy.  The more active he is, the stronger his force field and his defense against the pesky “can’t sleeps.”