About Us

Welcome to Funjamas! Dedicated to keeping the “Can’t Sleeps” away. We’re the first brand whose mission is getting kids to bed… so that you can too!

Funjamas started because we wanted to create something that made getting our own three kids to bed less of a chore and more fun. Everyone’s schedules are crazy and during the week, the time that parents get to spend with their kids is limited. So we wanted to do something that transformed bedtime into something that parents could enjoy with their kids, let them use their imaginations and take the stress out of the whole thing. Funjamas encourages parents to read with their kids, talk about dreams and help turn bedtime into playtime.

We have a beautiful line of snug-fit, cotton pajamas, comfy lounging clothes and bedtime stories that help you have a great night’s sleep. All of our children’s pajamas are 100% cotton with special attention to detail paid during the construction process.

All of our Pajamas for boys and girls are based on 6 fictional Characters from the planet “Lolo.” These are the guys who patrol the skys at night, devising plans to fight off all of those things that go bump in the night – the “Can’t Sleeps” as we like to call them – so kids all over can have a great night’s sleep!