Bedtime Stories

We don’t just make pajamas. That would be boring! All of our pajamas have stories to tell. In fact our stories are really what make us special. Our stories transport you into the a fantastic world where superheroes from the planet Lolo help fight off the “Can’t Sleeps” to make sure that nothing scares you or gives you bad dreams when the lights go out.

Shorty The Dream Surfer


The Schluffy Seas, crystal blue and serene. Where Shorty the sea turtle calls his home, waters tranquil and clean. Shorty carves up the Schluffy waves from dusk to noon. He shreds the swell secure in his shell. 

The Planet Lolo

planetlolo-cover_feature   Out beyond the three moons, the Aqua, Velcro, and Sock, is Planet Lolo,  an orb composed of squishy rock... If the Can't Sleeps are lingering in your room, you'll be getting a visit from a little Lolo very soon!

Lyles The Kooky Owl

lyles-kooky-owl-cover_feature   In the forests of Bonzo, within the timber of the Getzle tree, there’s a kooky owl named Lyles, busy in his laboratory. If you’re afraid of the dark, Lyles is good to have around. He has night vision, so he nabs every “can’t sleep” that comes through town.

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Meet the Characters: Lyles The Owl



North of the Schluffy Sea, over looking a forest of Bonzo Trees, you’ll hear the pitch perfect hoots of one bifocaled, a cappella singing Lolo. It’s Lyle the Owl, the “eyes” of the bunch. He’s a bit anxious due to his binocular -like vision which creates the illusion that everything is magnified five times its size. So naturally, he tends to flip out when he sees a life size bowling ball or a pastrami on rye the size of a tool shed. He’s a thinker and spends time sketching blue prints of inventions in his modern Bonzo tree one bedroom. He doesn’t even have to pay utilities, sap is included.

When he’s not watching his favorite show “This Owl House” or decorating his flat with contemporary nests from Egg One Imports, he’s at the bowling lanes with his best pal Shorty or singing a soft Hoot-apella to squash the “can’t sleeps.” With Hoot-apella covers of songs like “Hoot can it be now? “by Hens at Work and the like, the “can’t sleeps” don’t stand a chance.

A creature of the night, Lyle is never afraid of the dark. His night vision will help anyone fend off the can’t sleeps. When his friend Shelly, who’s no fan of the dark, gets a case of the “can’t sleeps” he flies over and assures her that her piano isn’t a giant tarantula.

Meet the Characters: Iggy The Blue Bunny

thumb_iggyIf you listen closely,  ear to the ground , you can hear the roar of the Loopty Burrow Coaster  and  the howl of one hyper active Lolo. It’s Iggy! He lives below  in the Loopz, a community  of rabbit holes,  known as Zonk Holes. Zonk Holes, burrowed under ground,  are the ultimate sleeping chamber.  The ‘can’t sleeps” surely can’t penetrate  it.

Iggy fuels up at the Carrot  Soup Stream. So when Iggy explodes into his day, he has no shortage  of energy.  Whether it’s chewing grass flavored licorice 220 times a minute  or playing percussion with his feet in the thunderous  musical “Thump”,  Iggy is in overdrive. Even the floor of his apartment  is a tread mill. He’s the most gregarious of the Loloz and loves the spotlight. So of course Iggy’s dream is to be an actor, as he currently  stars in “Hare Spray.”

Iggy, like most bunnies, has a great  memory  so has no trouble  memorizing  lines and facts. He loves camaraderie, so he’s the one that gets all the Loloz together  for bowling night or to support Lyle in his hooting or helping Chloe train for the Lolympics.

But even Iggy winds down when the Lolo sun sets. He spends the day warding off the “can’t sleeps” by using every  ounce  of energy.  The more active he is, the stronger his force field and his defense against the pesky “can’t sleeps.”

Meet the Characters: Shorty the Sea Turtle

thumb_shortyOut on the Schluffy Seas, past the Bonzo Beaches,  lives  a laid back Lolo who’s all about tasting the waves . Shorty the sea turtle.  He’s fearless and moves at his own pace  or no pace, unless he’s crushing  the waves while shell surfing.  Shorty is totally in touch with nature  and can conjure  the sounds of any natural environment  from the under belly  of his shell.  Whether it’s the placid waters of Loloz Springs or the chirping  of the Bonzo birds, he has the sounds to shut out the “can’t sleeps.”  His shell  acts as a pretty fab underwater studio apartment too. He’s not afraid of the dark by any means. But he still keeps his lava night- light on just in case.

Shorty is the mellowest  of the bunch and perceived as a bit spacey in nature. But he’s just highly  imaginative  and  retreats to his shell to gets lost in the verses of his Haiku writing. He’s inspired by his heroes the “Senior High Haiku Half Shellers,” who clobber  their enemies with 17 syllable  poems  about  nature  and the seasons.  Shorty was most likely born a Cancer.  His favorite book is “To Whom  the Shell Tolls” by Tortoise Shellingway.

Shorty is adventurous. With the help of Lyles,  they’re currently designing his shell for space travel, so they can blast him via rocket-propelled sling shot to the Lolo moon.  Shorty is convinced he can surf on the moon and when he has an idea, he sticks to it.

Shorty, in a …well, turtle shell , has a big heart  and will do anything  for his Lolo friends. If you’ve got the “can’t sleeps,” Shorty will help transport  you to a tranquil  place  in your imagination.  With a serenely aural experience, he’ll run the “can’t sleeps” out of your bedroom.